Improve Online Security for Your Business

Taking advantage of the latest technology can help ensure your company’s infrastructure is safe and secure.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming more accessible. Deep learning is being used to analyze data such as logs, transactions, and real-time communications to detect threats or unwarranted activities.


Behavioral analytics help determine patterns in system and network activities to detect potential and real-time cyber threats. For instance, an abnormal increase in data transmission from a specific user device could indicate a possible cyber security issue.


Passwords and PINs have been the benchmark of technology security. But we all know they are subject to breach. Embedded hardware authentication is becoming a reality. These powerful user authentication chips are embedded into the hardware itself. Designed to revolutionize ‘authentication security,’ these employ multiple levels and methods of authentication working in tandem.


Self-encrypting drives encrypt data as it is being written onto the disk. Each disk has a data encryption key to encrypt data as it’s being written onto the disk and decrypt it as it is being read from it.