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Discover What's New in Recent Versions of Sage 100!

Sage supports the current and prior two versions of Sage 100. While your Conner Ash partner supports versions older than Sage does, we want you to know what you might be missing out on by not upgrading. You will also notice that many of the updates were suggestions that received multiple votes on the Sage 100 Ideas Site. So, if you have a great idea for a new Sage 100 feature or to see what others are suggesting and vote for the ones you like, check out the ideas site.

Below are links to the What's New documents for the last several versions of Sage 100 along with some of the new features. Remember that the new features in the older versions carry forward to the more recent versions.

    • A Select Serial Numbers by Range button has been added in Lot/Serial Number Distribution.
    • SAP Crystal Reports has been updated to version 2020.
    • An Include check box has been added in the Select Invoices for Payment window enabling you to quickly select each invoice for payment.
    • A Display Quantities for Inactive Warehouses check box has been added on the Additional tab in Inventory Management Options to allow you to hide inactive warehouses.
    • Several improvements have been added in Inventory Requirements Planning and in Production Management.
    • If you are using the new Production Management module, check out the Inventory Requirements Planning module that is now available.
    • You can add tasks to the new Public Favorites group.
    • You can exclude inactive items from the Lookup in Item Maintenance.
    • Several features that were originally available in the subscription plan are now available in both subscription and perpetual versions.
    • There are DBA (doing business as) name and address fields for 1099 Forms.
    • The check number field is expanded to 10 characters in Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, General Ledger, Payroll (version 2.21 or later) and Purchase Order.
    • There is a Nonemployee Compensation form type in Form 1099 Tax Reporting.
    • When you save a new form code in A/R Invoice Printing, all of the setting are saved.
    • There is a new report, Purchases Clearing from History, that you can run after period end processing to get the information needed to reconcile the purchases clearing account at any time.
    • A Reverse Check Run utility has been added to reverse an entire check run after the register has been updated.
    • For those using Paya Connect Desktop, there is an eInvoicing feature that allows customers to make online payments.
    • The customer name, customer contact name, vendor contact name, confirm to name and requested by name fields have been expanded to 50 characters.
    • For customers, vendors and employees the address lines are expanded to 40 characters, the city is expanded to 30 characters and the country is expanded to 50 characters.
    • International addresses can be entered for customers, vendors and contacts.
    • Expiration dates can be added for items with lot or serial numbers when the items are received into inventory or produced through Bill of Materials.
    • Several changes have been made to the Physical Count functions in Inventory Management.
    • Paperless Office features have been updated to include a new message editor, increase the size of the message field and you can now specify if an email address is added to the To, CC or BCC fields when an email is sent.
    • An Expense Distribution Table field is available in Vendor Maintenance so you can enter a default distribution table.
    • A security event has been added in Role Maintenance that allows you to automatically update the Daily Transaction Register.
    • An in-line spell checker has been added which underlines misspelled words and you can right-click them to open a menu to select a replacement, add the word to your personal directory or ignore all instances of the misspelled word.
    • A status field has been added to Warehouse Code Maintenance with active, inactive and restricted statuses.
    • Payroll has been completely re-written is a separate module; the Timecard module which is now call Time Track and is new and is included in the Payroll module
    • You can reprint sales orders and quotes from the Sales Order and Quote History Inquiry window.
    • Multiple sales orders can be included on the same invoice and multiple sales orders can be consolidated into one shipment in shipping data entry.

If you would like to discuss an upgrade, please contact Sue Deters or Suzanne Watson at (314) 205-2510. If you have third-party enhancement(s), we can assist you with determining if the enhancement(s) are compatible with the most recent version of Sage 100. We can also coordinate with the vendor to make sure the updates are scheduled so you have no unexpected downtime.

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