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Most of our clients are both shareholders and employees of their corporations. At Conner Ash, we approach corporate tax planning with this in mind. After all, what good is it to devise a sophisticated tax plan for the corporation if it adversely impacts the owner/employee? Our tax professionals look at the total picture and develop strategies to minimize the total tax impact for our clients. Whether you own a "C" or "S" corporation and/or operate in one state or all 50, our goal is to structure a plan that will give you the best possible tax answer without unduly complicating your life.


Partnerships are one of the most complicated areas of taxation, but they can yield tremendous tax savings. Our clients run the gamut from traditional general partnerships to limited partnerships to the now-popular limited liability companies. Partnerships are great vehicles for both income and estate tax planning. They allow for great flexibility, but they need to work for you, not against you. Let one of our dedicated professionals discuss how you may benefit from our expertise in tax planning for partnerships.

Sole Proprietorships

Even the most basic of business forms, the sole proprietorship, can generate great tax savings if you know how to take advantage of the planning opportunities presented by these entities. At Conner Ash, we recognize the benefits that sole proprietorships offer and know how to help you structure your business transactions to minimize your federal and state tax bite. Whether it's a one-person retirement plan, a medical reimbursement plan, maximizing the write-off of newly acquired assets, or the tax benefits to hiring family members, our tax professionals are fully versed in how to make a sole proprietorship as tax efficient as possible.

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