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Discover What's New in Recent Versions of Sage 100 Payroll

Beginning with the release of version 2018 for Sage 100, the Payroll module was re-written as a separate installation. This means that you don't need to upgrade the entire Sage system in order to take advantage of the payroll updates. It is a good idea to install the latest version of the Payroll module when it becomes available.

Below are links to the upgrade guide for the last several versions of the Payroll module. In addition, there is a link to the current Sage 100 Payroll Tax Update Guide. This guide describes payroll tax related updates for the Sage 100 Payroll module and covers changes to withholding tables, standard deductions, exemptions and wage base limits that have been made to the online payroll tax database. The features added in older versions of Sage 100 and the Payroll Module can be found here.

    • The reporting code field has been added on the Employee Maintenance Taxes tab for Alaska and Indiana Quarterly Tax Reporting.
    • In Earnings Code Maintenance you can assign a default tax profile code to an earnings code.
    • The employee social security number prints masked on selected reports and on certain reports you can elect to print the last four digits of the social security number or exclude from the report. Only users with the appropriate security setup can view this sensitive information and access the option to print the full social security number.
    • Employee direct deposit information, which includes bank account and routing numbers, will now print masked on selected reports.
    • A Tax Table Rate Inquiry button has been added in the Tax Rates and Limits window accessed from Tax Profile Maintenance.
    • The default number of years to retain payroll history is now nine years.
    • A new calculation method using a percentage of disposable wages has been added in Deduction Code Maintenance to help calculate certain garnishments.
    • The ability to reset the deduction balance at year end is available for all deduction types.
    • The year-to-date earnings hours has been added to the payroll check printing work table.
    • You can integrate the Payroll module with the Accounts Payable module and set up your deductions and payroll taxes so invoices are created when the Payroll Check Register is updated.
    • Federal unemployment tax is broken out into its own section on the Payroll Tax Liability Report.
    • A new checkbox, Allow employees with other pay cycles for bonus and commissions, has been added to the Pay Cycle window.

If you would like to discuss an upgrade, please contact Sue Deters or Suzanne Watson at (314) 205-2510. If you have third-party enhancement(s), we can assist you with determining if the enhancement(s) are compatible with the most recent version of Sage 100. We can also coordinate with the vendor to make sure the updates are scheduled so you have no unexpected downtime.

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