Street Smarts

Purse snatching is a crime of opportunity, but you can take steps to help protect yourself. Start by leaving these items at home:

Social Security Card –

Your name and social security number are all a thief needs to steal your identity.

Spare Keys –

Since your driver’s license has your address, a thief now knows where you live and has a key to your house or car.

Blank Checks –

These can be forged and cashed or the routing number and account number at the bottom can be used to make electronic withdrawals.

Passwords –

Don’t keep a list of passwords in your wallet and don’t write your debit card PIN on your card or on a note in your wallet.

Gift Cards –

Carry only those you plan to use immediately. Otherwise it’s like having free money for a thief to use.

Even better, keep your driver’s license and credit cards on your person.