College Graduates Seeking Jobs

Jobs in gold text.

Graduating in 2020 has been unconventional to say the least. From ending the semester with online coursework to virtual graduation ceremonies, graduates now face a very different economy as they set out to start their careers. Honing job-hunting skills is critical in this environment. Consider these tips to get started:


Regardless of your major, take a creative approach to your job search and consider companies off the beaten path or those that have grown in recent months, rather than those that are still trying to recover (like travel and hospitality, for instance). Pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, grocery, and online retail are hiring at all levels, including marketing and administration positions. Many job search platforms have created hiring hubs that focus specifically on remote opportunities and in-demand positions. Also consider temporary or contract work to gain experience.


Networking is often more effective than simply searching posted jobs. Send private messages via email or LinkedIn to people working at companies you’d like to join. Ask for a coffee date to learn more about their work. Always ask for referrals to others who may be hiring. Stay current by joining professional groups on social media platforms like LinkedIn and maximize the impression you make with your personal profiles.


Many hiring managers check applicants’ social media accounts. You can shine by actively using your social media accounts. Always keep your profiles clean. Post relevant content to platforms like Twitter and provide thoughtful commentary on issues in your desired field. Posts serve as a part of your resume and can open the door to new connections and opportunities.