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Slicing The Inheritance Pie

How do you fairly treat family members who aren't involved with the business when eating-pieother family successors inherit your company? If estate equalization is the goal, life insurance can help you get there cost-efficiently.


Let's say you own a $2 million business, which you intend to pass to your daughter. You have a son who isn’t involved in the business at all and doesn’t want to be a future part of it. You could have your heir who won’t be in the business inherit an equal amount of other assets and cash. What, however, do you do if your portfolio is asset-rich but cash-poor like many family concerns?


With sufficient time and careful investing, you could sock cash into an account you will use to equalize your estate. Or you could buy a life insurance policy with a $2 million death benefit going to your son as beneficiary, while your daughter becomes beneficiary of your company.

Talk to a financial professional to learn how you might structure an estate equalization approach.

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