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A Step Above Other Public Accounting Firms

"I have been really impressed with Conner Ash's expertise in our industry (trucking). It has been a breath of fresh air to work with an accounting firm who understands not only what we do, but why we do it. They have also added value to their services by bringing together other trucking companies for their Trucking Roundtable events. Conner Ash strives to help their clients improve their businesses."

- Larry Schneier
Tri-National, Inc.

"Throughout my career I have had experience with several accounting firms, including the Big 4, and none compare to Conner Ash. They are serious when they say "Discover the Difference with Conner Ash". It's like having "Big 4" expertise but with more personalized and attentive service. Each business industry is unique, and what impresses me the most about Conner Ash is that they will make sure they are experts in your specific industry. Hogan Truck Leasing and Hogan Transports have partnered with Conner Ash for over 25 years and they know our business so well, that they have become an integral part to our success. Conner Ash's service is unsurpassed...they are large enough to handle the most complex issues, yet small enough to really serve their clients."

- Angela Henson, Chief Financial Officer
Hogan Transports, Inc.

"Corley Printing Company has depended on Conner Ash for over a decade. They have been an ongoing, excellent resource for any financial questions--both personal and business related. As a family-owned printing business we originally found Conner Ash because they are so well-regarded in our industry. It's easy to see why due to their unique understanding of our industry, coupled with their financial expertise. There is really no other option--Conner Ash is a great resource."

- Walker Deibel, Vice President
Corley Printing Company

"As a non-profit organization serving the greater St. Louis area in both Illinois and Missouri, Conner Ash's services are complete and address the special issues that relate to our needs for the IRS and states of Illinois and Missouri.

Any additional needs related to internal policies, research on specific matters, and other issues are always handled in a very timely and professional manner."

- David Ekin, President
St. Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired

"Conner Ash is our accounting/consultant firm. They have absolutely the fastest response time when there is a question or a problem. They are always available, take their calls and return their calls. Skinner & Kennedy Co. has relied on them for all of the 13 years I have been employed here. Conner Ash people are very knowledgeable. Besides that, they are the nicest people - especially our main contact, Jim Gentry! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for their knowledge and reliability."

- Jennie Starry, Director of Finance
Skinner & Kennedy Co.

"Believe will be more than satisfied with the quality of work performed and the sense of urgency given to you by Conner Ash. Conner Ash gets the job done correctly, efficiently, and with great integrity. Their service is not only professional, but personable as well. Though they are an excellent accounting firm that know and understand numbers well, we are more than just a number to them. They go the extra mile to understand our business, our industry, and our ever changing goals."

- Sue Harvey, President
Global Pyrotechnic Solutions, Inc.

"Midwest Public Risk (MPR) has utilized the audit services of Conner Ash P.C. since 2005, during which time they have always demonstrated a strong commitment to customer service and a standard of excellence. Their dedicated team of professionals are experts within our industry and they were instrumental in assisting MPR with a corporate reorganization a couple of years ago. We consider Conner Ash a valued resource and partner and look forward to continuing to utilize their services in the future."

- Kristie Van Pelt, Finance Director
Midwest Public Risk