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Value Billing Model


At Conner Ash, our goal is to bring clients the highest level of value and satisfaction possible. Our Value Billing model is individually tailored for each client to provide:

  • A straightforward and predictable fee structure
  • Entitlement to unlimited consultation
  • Clearly defined expectations matched with a high level of communication
  • A partnership positioned to deliver the results you value most


Value Billing involves defining your subjective goals, analyzing the value of obtaining these goals from your point of view, and putting a correlated value on the services you wish to be provided.

As a fixed-price agreement, Value Billing is designed to implement a straightforward and predictable fee structure while allowing for the flexibility and scope of services you desire.

Value Proposition

Because our Value Billing model provides ongoing access to the services and advice you need on a fixed-price basis, you are not inhibited from asking timely advice by the fear of a meter running endlessly.

Our model is built around one-price pricing (as opposed to hourly rates), and offers you unlimited access to our experienced firm to help you achieve your financial, personal, and/or organizational goals.

While this fixed-price model entitles your company and its owners to unlimited consultation with Conner Ash, if your question or issue requires additional research and analysis beyond initial consultations the work will be subject to an additional price negotiation before the services are to be performed.

Furthermore, if an unanticipated need arises beyond the original scope of our agreement (such as the sale of a property, a change in ownership, an audit by a taxing agency, etc.), Conner Ash will agree to perform the additional work at a mutually agreed upon price. This service will be invoiced separately to the appropriate entity or individual utilizing a Change Order.

For questions about Conner Ash's Value Billing model please contact Alicia Brockland at (314) 205-2510.