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The Right Moves

Are you thinking of relocating to another part of the country? Don’t make a move until you’ve had time to thoroughly vet your destination.


Check on the demand for your particular job skills in the area where you plan to relocate. Salaries can vary significantly from state to state, so it makes sense to research job opportunities and how much workers in your profession earn in the location you’re considering.


Compare your current costs for housing, food, gas, and utilities with the costs for the same necessities in the area you’re interested in. You may or may not come out ahead financially if you are moving from a high-cost urban location to a region of the country that’s typically less expensive.


Taxes can be a major consideration in your decision to relocate. Some states don’t tax wages or self-employment income at the state level. Other states don’t charge sales tax on some or all items. And certain states tax retirement income. Property and school taxes are another expense to consider. In some areas, senior homeowners may receive some form of property tax exemption, credit, abatement, tax deferral, refund, or other benefit.


The quality of health care and the availability of medical specialists should be a concern for anyone planning a move to a new location. Find out if there are quality hospitals in the area and whether local physicians will take you on as a patient.

Relocating can be an exciting experience, but be sure you know what to expect before you make a commitment.

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