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Now What?

You have just received notification that you have been automatically enrolled in your employer’s retirement savings plan. Your employer will automatically take a set percentage of your salary and invest that money in the plan’s default investment option on your behalf. Now what?

Do you sit back and do nothing? You could, but there are important steps you should take after you’ve been automatically enrolled.


Your employer is required to send you information about the plan and your investment options, as well as instructions about how to opt out if you choose not to participate in the plan. Read these documents carefully, ask questions about material you don’t understand, and don’t make any investment decisions until you’ve had your questions answered.


If you choose to participate in the plan, consider whether the default contribution rate is likely to be sufficient to meet your goals — you may want to consider an increased percentage. And keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with the default investment option if other choices would better suit your circumstances.

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