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Estate Planning & Gift Tax Planning

Did you know that the estate tax rate can be almost 40% higher than your income tax rate? As a result, most people strive to maximize the assets left to their heirs by minimizing estate and gift taxes.

At Conner Ash, we understand your estate planning concerns and work diligently to help you reduce these tax liabilities. We have professionals with Five Star Wealth Advisor (Estate Planning) credentials, so you can rely on Conner Ash for the highest degree of expertise in this area.

Our estate and trust planning professionals remain abreast of recent and impending changes to tax law in addition to the most sophisticated techniques for minimizing the cost of transferring these assets to your family. We look at charitable trusts, life insurance trusts, irrevocable trusts, intentionally defective trusts, valuation issues, and other possible approaches to reduce the value of your estate and avoid unnecessary tax penalties.

Whether it's the utilization of the Unified Transfer Credit, a Family Limited Partnership, a GRIT or a GRAT, we will show you multiple ways to maximize the amount of wealth you can pass on to your heirs.

We also explore a variety of gifting strategies. Gifts can be made to charitable organizations, spouses, children, grandchildren, and others. True estate and gift planning leverages the assets you own to increase the wealth that will stay in your family. Let us show you how.

For more information about our estate planning services please contact us at (314) 205-2510.