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Let Conner Ash Provide Your Fund Accounting Solution!

Conner Ash is partnering with AccountMate

to bring a new solution to not-for-profits. This cost-effective solution integrates AccountMate’s General Ledger for Fund Accounting with other AccountMate modules and vertical solutions you need to manage your not-for-profit.

FUND ACCOUNTING: Features and Benefits

Choosing AccountMate will give you and your organization:

  • Flexibility
  • A system that grows as your organization grows
  • Ability to modify to meet your needs
  • Easy Deployment

Selecting the "Use for Non-Profit Organization" option allows you to automatically switch the General ledger functions, fields and reports to support fund accounting functions including:

  • Fund segment added to Chart-of-Accounts
  • Reports generated based on account segments
  • Closure of individual periods not needed
  • Unlimited number of Temporarily Restricted, Permanently Restricted and Unrestricted Funds
  • Report modifications
  • Eight fund types including General Operating, Plant, Endowments and Restricted
  • Specific Reports
  • Automatic inter-fund balancing option

Use multiple AP & GL account ID's in an AP invoice. This results in fewer interfund entries to reconcile at the end of each fiscal period and makes it easier to determine the AP account balance by fund at any given time.

CASE STUDY: Berwick Joint Authority, PA

As a result of a 31% growth increase over the last five years, the Berwick Area Joint Sewer Authority was having extreme difficulty in determining where their funds were going.  While Berwick’s regional board required consolidated reports, each authority also required separate record maintenance, business reporting, and other general ledger functions identifying revenues and expenses according to the funding source. 

They needed a comprehensive financial management solution that would support their fund accounting requirements.  To solve this challenge, Berwick selected AccountMate Software as their business solution based on its ability to handle fund accounting within their current structure.  By structuring General Ledger revenue and expense accounts by funding source, Berwick could closely monitor the business financials of each municipality individually, as well as collectively through consolidated reports requested by the regional board.  Customized reporting for Berwick enabled specialized budget reports, year-to-year comparisons and multiple-year look backs for project comparisons.  According to Gloria Bobersky, Berwick JSA’s manager, using AccountMate for fund accounting “has resulted in a strong financial management system that supports our business model.  I expect the accounting system to work smoothly each month, and it does.”

When you combine the AccountMate Fund Accounting software solution with the knowledge and expertise of the Conner Ash team, you have a winning combination.  Our staff has been a trusted advisor our clients rely on to assist them with implementing their accounting and ERP solutions for over 20 years.  They look forward to helping you.  Contact Suzanne Watson,, or Sue Deters,, or at (314) 205-2510 to find out more or to schedule a demonstration.