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Too Good To Be True

Most people know not to answer emails from foreign princes ready to hand over theirlock millions in return for a bank account number. However, a surprisingly large number of people still fall for the promise of easy riches. Take the sweepstakes scam. That’s the one where you get a letter saying you won, even though you never bought a ticket, and all you have to do to collect is send the sweepstakes company some money.

Don’t Be Fooled

Watch out for phishing/spoofing emails in which criminals pretend to be from a company, an organization, or a government agency. Typically, they’ll ask you to send or confirm personal information, such as your Social Security number or credit card number. If you fall for it, you may likely end up having your credit compromised or your bank account drained.

“Too Good” Is Right

With scams becoming more creative by the day, everyone needs to be on guard. The saying about something seeming too good to be true is just that: true.

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