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Conflicting Visions

Couples don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to finances. Unfortunately, these differences can create tension in a relationship. What strategies can couples use to reduce conflicts over money and help them make the most of their financial resources? Here are some time-tested strategies.

Communicate Clearly

Frequent open communication is key to resolving most marital financial challenges. Asking questions to understand a partner’s attitude toward money, spending, saving, and debt is important. Listening respectfully to the answers can help each partner understand the other’s behavior toward finances and can be the first step to coming up with solutions that both agree on.

Learn To Compromise

Agreeing to reach a middle ground where both partners get some of what they want can reduce resentment.

Set Specific Goals

Rather than criticize a partner for not saving enough or not being sufficiently focused on reducing debt, it’s more helpful for couples to set specific goals. Goals are concrete and help define what the couple actually wants to see happen.

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